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“Congratulations STOW STICK for 4th position in this year’s BEST IN SHOW competition within the NEW PRODUCT ZONE area at the PGA MERCHANDISE SHOW !!!”

STOW STICK™ is proving to be the “Trusted and Must Have” golf bag accessory for golfers of all levels.

STOW STICK™ is the perfect versatile golf accessory that offers a range of multi-functional features designed to improve the golfing experience. Golfers are using this device an average of 42 times per game played.

STOW STICK™ organizes golf equipment to assure no lost or misplaced gear to keep a golfer’s mind off distractions and on the prize… This innovation assures that golf clubs are safe from damage while in play, while being transported to-and-from a golf course, while using a shipping service, or as baggage in an aircraft… It’s a putting alignment aid, it’s a swing training device, it’s a speed drill tool, it’s a resistance training tool, and it’s a quick pregame warm-up method that pushes a player to start sharp on the first tee…

The STOW STICK™ advantage of this patent-protected platform includes a “Beyond Obvious Advertising Opportunity” for corporate branding, event tags, golf course signage, to personal monikers.

Smart Solutions for Avid Golfers