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Smart Solutions for Avid Golfers


STOW SWING™ provides a simple and sturdy axis to snap-in or slide-off attachable aerodynamic quadrants for interchangeable preferences within a single training device.

STOW SWING™ is an innovative mounting Hub that is specifically engineered to support the ultra-fast speed training tool and a wind resistance device. STOW SWING™ furthermore provides golfers a repeatable method to feel what an in-line golf swing and full “through-the-ball” followthrough should actually feel like… The STOW SWING™ mounting hub may be used independently from the attachable slide-on wings for unstable speed swing training practice. Golfers now have 100% adjustability to choose which various protocol settings a player wants for their practice swing preferences. STOW SWING™ is a slide-over mounting system that fits snugly onto the STOW STICK™ flange. The STOW SWING™ mounting hub supports STOW SHIELD™, SPEED WING™, X–WING™, aerodynamic cover plates, and various sized slide on/off rail position weights for user custom controllability. Adding or repositioning various sized weights will significantly increase loading levels around all 4 rail positions for an “action to reaction” golf swing. Changing wing configurations and adjusting weights onto preferred rail locations, golfers are finally able to rely on using effective training tools, as advertised.


Golfers use STOW STICK42 times per game played.

Swing Alignment – instant feedback of side-spin movement throughout swing arc.
Swing Tracking – delivers proper swing angles for efficient ball flight and back-spin
Swing Resistance – provides a perpendicular wing ram-air resistance position to warm up a golfer’s muscles prior to going out and playing.
Swing Speed Training Device – allows various low-level angles for sensing ultra-fast swing training with stabilized “rotational inertia” confidences.  A swing pole or rod with a weight attached to an end can’t create any sense of stability because it doesn’t have a flange or a wing.  A wing stabilizes the moment of inertia within an arc.
Speed Swing Training Device, Winged and/or Weighted configurations provide further targeted swing practice options: Providing winged and/or weighted training options deliver golfers with preferred training choices. Providing choices for which centrifugal force training method is best for each golfer, will centerline a player’s golf swing through feel control, to maintain in-balance input motion. STOW SWING™ offers choices… a) wing loading provides manageable in-line rotational speed increases, and b) weight loading flexibilities deliver variable rotational arc efficiencies.
Rotational Inertial Device with Swing Alignment Tracking and Resistance Pre-Game Warm-up: Proper feel-the-swing-plane position training devices reinforces what an efficient golf swing feels like. The golfer identifies the aerodynamic forces in play as the pressure areas become properly aligned throughout the golf swing. The user chooses zero, 1, or 2 in-one wings depending on the capability and effort desired. The STOW SWING™ SPEED WING and X-WING™ provide higher resistance sensing as the ultra-fast swing speeds are increased with stabilized “rotational inertia” position confidences throughout the entire arc.  X-WING™ offers simple snap-in or slide-off detachable quadrants that mount into the mounting Hub that is the STOW SWING™ platform.