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Smart Solutions for Avid Golfers


STOW STICK™ is a universal core brand offering two variations that support multiples of functions designed to inspire golfing confidences within golfers by transferring reinforced disciplines onto the golf course.

STOW STICK™ provides simple-to-use and easy-to-find repeatable methods for safely stowing golf equipment temporarily, while playing golf.

STOW STICK™ provides independent pre-game warmup routines, pre-game alignment drills, core rotation stretches, and balanced swing followthrough reassurances.

STOW STICK™ offers golf swing resistance band training via low-impact stretching and core warm-ups before and during all sanctioned golf tournaments.

STOW STICK™ protects and conceals “Alignment Rods” and “Speed Sticks”.

STOW STICK™ keeps golf equipment safe and secure from becoming damaged or lost while playing golf or while being shipped as baggage within a golf travel bag.

STOW SHIELD™ adds an effective inflatable aerodynamic umbrella that shields golf equipment from all weather conditions, giving golfers back the use of umbrellas to shield themselves.

STOW STICK™ supports the slide-over STOW SWING™ HUB that attaches the slide-on SPEED WING™ quadrants for super-fast inline speed swing training and the click-in X-WING™ quadrants for increasing swing-resistance efficiencies.

STOW STICK™ is the superior solution for alignment rods and speed sticks.

STOW STICK™ is the only golf training device that converts into a working tool that may be legally used within all sanctioned golf tournaments.

STOW STICK™ provides beyond obvious corporate branding, title sponsorship, or advertising space.

STOW STICK™ is simple in design, sturdy in construction, functionally reliable, repeatably dependable, and habitually increases a golfer’s determinations within ”nine” arenas.

STOW STICK™ keeps a player’s mind in the game and eyes on the prize…


Golfers use STOW STICK42 times per game played.

Stows Club Head Covers, Caps, Gloves in Play: Golf club headcovers are removed, stored, and then replaced onto golf clubs many dozens of times per golf game played. Losing or repeatedly misplacing golf equipment has become a serious issue for golfers while playing golf. STOW STICK™ supports a convenient method to organize a golfer and to protect against losing equipment by providing a temporary safe space.

Safeguards Golf Clubs from Top Damage during Play: The STOW STICK™ device safeguards golf equipment from becoming damaged while golf equipment is being used. This device is sturdy and absorbs the energy placed on it from accidental top strikes, side impacts, and drops.

Air Dry’s Sweat-Wet Gloves, Hats, Rain Gear, etc: In warm climates, golfers sweat. In warmer and humid climates, golfers sweat more. STOW STICK™ provides a simple place to safely hang golf gloves and other need-to-dry equipment, to quickly air dry.

Putting Alignment Tool for Practice or Pregame Warm-Up: STOW STICK™ allows opportunities to help golfers build confidence within their putting stroke and bring that confidence onto the golf course. This golf alignment device provides a reliable tool for golfers to entrust in while on the practice green and to bring it onto the course’s greens.

Driving Range Alignment Aid for Practice or Pregame Warm-Up: Bringing the game from the practice facility onto the course is the true challenge. Learning to trust effective tools that create reliable and consistent solutions is a great start to developing swing repeatability. The STOW STICK™ tool accompanies you onto the golf course.

Stows Alignment Rods/Sticks within the body of the STOW STICK™ Custom Stout*: Wasting precious space within a golf bag makes the golf bag heavy and seem undersized. STOW STICK™ Custom Stout may contain alignment rods/sticks within its body. The footprint area is the same with or without rods/sticks being housed.

Personal Protection Device**: Thwart alligator attacks by beating them over the head with it. Keeping in the spirit of continuing to play golf, no matter what gets in the way…