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The STOW STICK Advantage:

Protects Golf Clubs

Stows Club Headcovers ️

Keeps Golfers Organized

Pre-Game Warm-Up Drills

Resistance Band Putting Aid

Driving Range Alignment Tool

No Lost or Misplaced Golf Gear

Affirms Putting Stroke Alignments

Swing Speed Resistance Band Tool

Air Dry’s Caps and Gloves During Play

Super-Fast Inertial Speed Training Device

Safeguards Golf Clubs from Shipping Damage

Custom Branding & Advertising Platform

Compatible Accessories:


️✓ STOW SWING™ Slide-Over Hub

SPEED WING™ Alignment Tracking

X-WING™ Drag Resistance Training

STOW SHIELD™ Shipping Inflatables

✓ Resistance Training & Strengthening Aid

Distinctive Platforms:



✓ Stows “Alignment Rods” & “Speed Sticks”


“Congratulations STOW STICK for 4th position in this year’s BEST IN SHOW competition within the NEW PRODUCT ZONE area at the PGA MERCHANDISE SHOW !!!”

“Dedication Reinforces Skill, Capability Bolsters Confidence, Assertion Clinches Performance…”

Golfers use STOW STICK 42 times per game played.




























STOW STICK™ has earned the distinction of being all things, in one platform…


STOW STICK™ is a versatile core brand with two variations that support multiple functions, designed to build confidence in golfers by reinforcing disciplines on the golf course.

STOW STICK™ is the only golf training device that can be legally used while playing in all sanctioned golf tournaments under USGA Rule 4.3a(6).

STOW STICK™ offers easy-to-use and repeatable methods for temporarily stowing golf equipment while playing.

STOW STICK™ keeps golf equipment safe and secure from becoming damaged or lost while playing golf or while being shipped as baggage within a golf travel bag.

STOW STICK™ provides independent pre-game and in-game warmup routines, alignment drills, core rotation stretches, and balanced swing followthrough reassurances.

STOW STICK™ incorporates golf swing resistance band training with warm-ups before and low-impact stretches during all sanctioned golf tournaments.

STOW STICK™ protects and conceals “alignment rods” and “speed sticks”.

STOW SHIELD™ adds an inflatable, aerodynamic weatherproof umbrella that shields golf equipment from all weather conditions, giving back golfers the use of their umbrellas to shield themselves.

STOW STICK™ supports the slide-over STOW SWING™ HUB, which attaches the slide-on SPEED WING™ quadrants for super-fast inline swing training and the click-in X-WING™ quadrants for increasing swing-resistance efficiencies.

STOW STICK™ is the ideal solution for replacing alignment rods and speed sticks.

STOW STICK™ provides beyond obvious corporate branding, title sponsorship, or advertising space.

STOW STICK™ is simple in design, sturdy in construction, functionally reliable, and habitually enhances a golfer’s determination in several areas.

STOW STICK™ keeps a player focused on the game and their eye on the prize.



STOW SHIELDensures that golf equipment arrives safe and undamaged at the destination being transported to, while inside a golf travel bag.

STOW SHIELD™ provides an anchored ridged aerodynamic inflatable umbrella that securely shields golf equipment from all weather conditions and gives golfers back-needed umbrellas to shield themselves with.

STOW SHIELD™ is an inflatable protection device system that passively absorbs external impacts, using a semi-ridged energy-absorbing exchanger to protect golf clubs during transport. The pressurized levels of inflatability for the energy exchangers are adjustable according to the player’s preference. It also inflates and shapes itself to fit snugly inside any manufacturer’s golf travel bag, with each perimeter zone tube space filled with inflatable channels of ever-changing air pressures. This system ensures that the equipment is always protected during transit, by balancing each chamber’s diameter and pressure levels in response to shifting load movements.

STOW STICK™ is the central and core device that supports all STOW SHIELD™ platforms and may be used independently or used with the yellow slide-on “Travel Cap”, which may be used with or without the attachable inflatables for maximum protection.

STOW SHIELD™ inflatables are offered in two sizes, 1) Tour Bags and 2) Cart Bags/Stand Bags, as two independent components: the top domed inflatable section that may be used as an umbrella and the attachable lower inflatable section.

Using the STOW SHIELD™ inflatable zone tubes won’t increase luggage weight or add baggage fees while protecting the golf equipment.



STOW SWING™ offers a simple and durable axis that allows for the easy attachment and removal of aerodynamic quadrants, giving golfers the ability to customize their training device according to their preferences.

STOW SWING™ was designed to support both a super-fast speed training tool or a wind resistance device, the STOW SWING™ provides golfers with a consistent method for experiencing the correct feel of an in-line golf swing with a full followthrough should feel like. The mounting hub can also be used on separately for various unstable speed swing training practices.

STOW SWING™ offers complete adjustability so golfers may select various protocol settings that suit their individual practice swing preferences. STOW SWING™ is a slide-over mounting system that fits securely onto the STOW STICK™ locking flange that supports a wide range of attachments including the STOW SHIELD™, SPEED WING™, X-WING™, aerodynamic cover plates, and slide-on rail position weights.

STOW SWING™ allows adding and adjusting weights in preferred rail locations, golfers can significantly increase the loading levels around all four rail positions, resulting in an “action to reaction” golf swing. With the ability to change wing configurations and adjust weights, golfers can rely on effective training tools to improve their game.



SPEED WING™ is a high-speed training device designed for golfers who want to improve their in-line speed.

SPEED WING™ accessories support players with segment sensing at various positions throughout the swing arc, providing a simple, effective, and well-balanced training tool for super-speed golf swings. With SPEED WING™, golfers may experience ideal angle sensations while providing maximum rotational inertia efficiencies, and choosing flexibilities between different configurations based on preference – no wing instability, one wing for extreme speed, and two wings for in-line speed.

SPEED WING™ helps golfers develop real-time muscle memory techniques by adjusting speed and load controls through symmetrical or asymmetrical aerodynamic in-line force feedback. By using SPEED WING™, golfers can achieve better golf swing dynamics, swinging faster while maintaining full-follow-through and extension control.

SPEED WING™ is available in two versions – Aerodynamic and Travel Compact.



X-WING™ provides customizable drag-resistance feedback for effective pregame warm-ups.

X-WING™ is a versatile resistance training system for golfers, offering multi-directional heavy disturbance resistance training.

X-WING™ features snap-in control levels that enable golfers to adjust the resistance from strenuous to continuous, sustainable options.

The four X-WING™ cord lines mounted on the hub may be independently adjusted longitudinally to control resistance levels.

X-WING provided detachable wings that may be added, removed, or adjusted in quadrant positions to increase or decrease aerodynamic response efficiencies.

X-WING™ comes in two versions: Aerodynamic (shown) and Travel Compact.



STOW STICK™ brings “your ready” game to the first tee…

The STOW STICK™ resistance band training platform is designed to improve the performance of golfers of all levels by enhancing their putting and swing mechanics, building muscle memory, and preventing on-course injuries.  

STOW STICK™ provides the perfect pre-game or in-game resistance training tool that combines fitness and golf together to achieve the best performance results possible.

STOW STICK™ is the ultimate multifunctional device that offers warm-up regimens to increase mobility, balance, flexibility, strength, and swing speeds. Additionally, it provides low-impact resistance band core stretches for swing and putting enhancements. The consistent tension from resistance bands helps stabilize the core for proper rotational activation, resulting in improved neuromuscular performance and consistent strength control.  

STOW STICK™ is an intuitive method for providing immediate feedback on swing path, club face angle, and release points, helping golfers identify and correct flaws or misalignments within their golf swing or putting stroke. Lightweight, portable, and convenient, it can be easily anchored to various surfaces such as golf carts, doorknobs, ball washers, and trailer hitches, making it an all-in-one golf training aid that is always at your fingertips.


Numerous STOW STICK innovations have been proudly secured with Non-Provisional, Provisional, Design, and PCT international patents that reach 38 countries, worldwide.




“STOW STICK™ originally filled a void within my own game… Now it’s expanded into a habitual product for the masses.”

Welcome to the Disciplines of STOW STICK

The Useful Applications:

Stows Club Head Covers, Caps, Gloves, and Golf Gear while In Play:  Golf club headcovers are removed, stored, and then replaced onto golf clubs many dozens of times per golf game played. Losing or repeatedly misplacing golf equipment has become a serious issue for golfers while playing golf. STOW STICK™ supports a convenient method to organize a golfer and to protect against losing equipment by providing a temporary safe space.

Safeguards Golf Clubs from Top Damage while In Play: The STOW STICK™ device safeguards golf equipment from becoming damaged while golf equipment is being used. This device is sturdy and absorbs the energy placed on it from accidental top strikes, side impacts, and drops.

Protects Golf Equipment from Damage while in Transit, being Shipped, as Baggage, and while in a Golf Travel Bag: STOW SHIELD™ Stout is a product effort to help keep golf equipment protected, undamaged, and safe while being shipped as baggage or while in transit. The area inflates into a series of expanding zone tubes with pressurized air to expand a protective barrier around golf equipment. The Inflatable version is a dome-like structure that covers the top portion of the golf bag or the entire longitudinal interior length of the entire travel bag.

Pre-Game Warm-Up Drills:  Develops pregame disciplines through muscle memory warmup regimens, in-line golf swing extensions, core rotation stretches, balanced follow-through development, and increases confidence to “bring it” to the first tee.

Air Dry’s Sweat Wet Gloves, Hats, Rain Gear, etc:  In warm climates, golfers sweat. In warmer and humid climates, golfers sweat more. STOW STICK™ provides a simple place to safely hang golf gloves and other need-to-dry equipment, to quickly air dry.

Weatherproof Inflatable Umbrella:  Protects golf equipment from all weather conditions. The STOW STICK™ anchors STOW SHIELD™ so this secured inflatable umbrella won’t fly off your golf bag by heavy winds… The STOW SHIELD™ inflatable lets players use their umbrellas to protect themselves from the rain because the golf clubs are already covered.

Speed Swing Training Device:  Providing winged and/or weighted training options deliver golfers with preferred training choices. Providing choices for which centrifugal force training method is best for each golfer, will centerline a player’s golf swing through feel control, to maintain in-balance input motion. STOW SWING™ offers choices… a) wing loading provides manageable in-line rotational speed increases, and b) weight loading flexibilities deliver variable rotational arc efficiencies.

Resistance Band Golf Swing Training Aid: Introduces low-impact resistance band stretching, and core pregame warm-ups before and during any golf game. Improves accuracy, distance, and consistency before hitting off the first tee. Quickly anchors to golf carts, doorknobs, ball washers, car door latches, trailer hitches, other golfers, etc. Rule 4.3a(6) allows the use of STOW STICK during sanctioned USGA tournaments for stretching and rewarm-ups from stiffness and unanticipated cool-downs.

Rotational Inertial Device with Swing Alignment Tracking: Proper feel-the-swing-plane position training devices reinforce what an efficient golf swing feels like. The golfer identifies the aerodynamic forces in play as the pressure areas become properly aligned throughout the golf swing. The user chooses zero, 1, or 2 in-one wings depending on the capability and effort desired. The STOW SWING™ SPEED WING and X-WING™ provide higher resistance sensing as the ultra-fast swing speeds are increased with stabilized “rotational inertia” position confidences throughout the entire arc.  X-WING™ offers simple snap-in or slide-off detachable quadrants that mount into the mounting Hub that is the STOW SWING™ platform.

Putting Alignment Tool:  STOW STICK™ allows opportunities to help golfers build confidence within their putting stroke and bring that confidence onto the golf course. This golf alignment device provides a reliable tool for golfers to entrust while on the practice green and to bring it onto the course’s greens.

Driving Range Alignment Aid:  Bringing the game from the practice facility onto the course is the true challenge. Learning to trust effective tools that create reliable and consistent solutions is a great start to developing swing repeatability. The STOW STICK™ tool accompanies you onto the golf course.

Stows Alignment Rods/Sticks within STOW STICK™ Custom:  Wasting precious space within a golf bag makes the golf bag heavy and seem undersized. STOW STICK™ Custom Stout may contain alignment rods/sticks within its body. The footprint area is the same with or without rods/sticks being housed.

Personal Protection Device:  Thwart alligator attacks by holding them at bay (levity).  Rather useful in discouraging other personal threats as well.

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