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Smart Solutions for Avid Golfers


SPEED WING™ offers an ultra-fast speed-slot training device for golfers that feel the need for in-line speed.

SPEED WING™ is a supporting accessory that provides players with segment sensing within various attitude positions throughout the swing arc.  SPEED WING™ offers golfers a simple, effective, and efficiently balanced super speed golf swing training tool.  SPEED WING™ demonstrates what the correct angles for an ideal moment of rotational inertia efficiencies should feel like.  Golfers now have a choice of preference from no wing instability, one wing in-line speed, and to two-winged extreme speed configurations that completely match up to what the golfer wants.  Golfers may now develop real-time muscle memory techniques by increasing speed and load controls through symmetrical or asymmetrical aerodynamic in-line force feedback.  SPEED WING™ gets golfers to swing faster while maintaining full-follow-through and extension-control in achieving better golf swing dynamics.

SPEED WING™ is offered in two versions. Aerodynamic (shown) and Travel Compact.


Golfers use STOW STICK42 times per game played.

Speed Swing Training Device, Winged and/or Weighted configurations provide further targeted swing practice options: Providing winged and/or weighted training options deliver golfers with preferred training choices. Providing choices for which centrifugal force training method is best for each golfer, will centerline a player’s golf swing through feel control, to maintain in-balance input motion. STOW SWING™ offers choices… a) wing loading provides manageable in-line rotational speed increases, and b) weight loading flexibilities deliver variable rotational arc efficiencies.

Rotational Inertial Device with Swing Alignment Tracking and Resistance Pre-Game Warm-up: Proper feel-the-swing-plane position training devices reinforces what an efficient golf swing feels like. The golfer identifies the aerodynamic forces in play as the pressure areas become properly aligned throughout the golf swing. The user chooses zero, 1, or 2 in-one wings depending on the capability and effort desired. The SPEED WING™ provides higher resistance sensing as the ultra-fast swing speeds are increased with stabilized “rotational inertia” position confidences throughout the entire arc. SPEED WING™ offers simple snap-in or slide-off detachable quadrants that mount into the mounting Hub that is the STOW SWING™ platform.