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Smart Solutions for Avid Golfers


STOW STICK™ brings “your ready” game to the first tee…

The STOW STICK™ resistance band training platform was designed to safely help golfers of all skill levels enhance their putting and swing mechanics, build muscle memory, and prevent on-course injuries.

STOW STICK™ is the perfect pre-game or in-game resistance training tool that combines fitness and golf together to achieve the best performance results possible.

STOW STICK™ is the ultimate multifunctional device that provides warm-up regimens to increase mobility, balance, flexibility, strength, and swing speeds, as well as low-impact resistance band core stretches for swing and putting enhancements. Consistent tension from resistance bands adds a needed element of stabilization for proper rotational core activation, leading to improved neuromuscular performance and consistent strength control.

STOW STICK™ is the intuitive method for providing immediate feedback on swing path, club face angle, and release points, helping golfers identify and correct flaws or misalignments within their golf swing or putting stroke. Lightweight, portable, and convenient, it may be quickly anchored to golf carts, doorknobs, ball washers, trailer hitches, other golfers, and more, making this an always-at-your-fingertips ultimate all-in-one golf training aid.