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STOW STICK™ brings your “ready for launch” game onto the first tee…

STOW STICK™ has earned the distinction of being all things in one platform… Now it’s Your a turn…

STOW STICK™ has proven to be the actual ultimate multi-functional golf training aid platform that is designed to increase golfers performance.

Golf successes aren’t supported by shortcuts… Reap the rewards and benefits through discipline, dedication, perseverance, and in turn building up players confidences by doing-the-work.

STOW STICK™ additionally offers resistance band advancements for low-impact stretching, core pregame warm-ups before and during a golf game. Rule 4.3a(6) allows the use of STOW STICK during sanctioned USGA tournaments for stretching and rewarm-ups from stiffness and unanticipated cool-downs.

STOW STICK™ provides low-impact warm-up pregame or while playing regimens that increases mobility, balance, flexibility, while protecting against injuries.. STOW STICK was designed as a multifunctional device that helps golfers of all skill levels improve their swing mechanics and build a solid golf swing muscle memory foundation. It builds strength, increases flexibility, increases swing speeds, identifies instability, extends release points, encourages proper rotation and alignment around a golf swing, and encourages a proper and full-swing followthrough.

Constant tension from the resistance bands adds an element of required stabilization for proper rotational core activation. The pull of these resistance bands reduces your ability to decelerate by offsetting real momentum which leads to improved neuromuscular performance and consistent strength.

STOW STICK™ provides immediate feedback on your swing path, clubface angle, and release point, helping the golfer to identify, then correct any flaws or misalignments within their swing. This is an intuitive tool that optimizes movement patterns by identifying then allowing a correction of noticed flaws or realized misalignments within a golfers swing prior to them walking onto the first tee.

This always-at-your-fingertips resistance band trainer is portable and lightweight, allowing you to use it in every golf game. It quickly anchors to golf carts, door knobs, ball washers, car door latches, trailer hitches, other golfers, etc. Plus, with STOW STICK, the stimulus may provide muscles with less chance of injury or involving undue force on your joints.

STOW STICK™ is the perfect pre-game or in-game low-impact resistance training tool that combines fitness and golf together to achieve the best performance possible. At 52-inches, this training bar expands STOW STICK platforms to be the distinct golf-exercise tool it deserves to be.

Build confidence on the golf course by knowing you’re ready for the game, when stepping onto the first tee. Know you just increased your odds and improved your accuracy, distance, and consistency before hitting off the first tee. With STOW STICK, you can master your reassured swing, activates your rotational core balance, and build greater stimulation and strength through the muscle’s full range of motion.

STOW STICK™ resistance training tool combines athletic training with the golf game. Use the easy-to-attach anchor point resistance bands and equipment to protect against on golf course injuries.