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Smart Solutions for Avid Golfers


X-WING™ delivers adaptable drag-resistance feedback for instant pregame warm-ups.

X-WING™ is the most universally dynamic resistance training system being offered in golf today.  X-WING™ is a STOW SWING™ accessory that offers multi-directional heavy disturbance resistance training.  X-WING™ has snap-in control levels from strenuous to continual stainable resistance training options.  Resistance levels are controlled by independently adjusting the four X-WING™ cord lines longitudinally.  Adding, removing, or adjusting detachable wings quadrant positions will increase or decrease aerodynamic response efficiencies.

X-WING™ is offered in two versions. Aerodynamic (shown) and Travel Compact.


Golfers use STOW STICK42 times per game played.

Resistance devices are used to warm up the muscles prior to playing golf for decades. STOW STICK™ does this by changing wind friction position angles favoring various preferred resistance settings. The golfer controls the golf club arc speed by choking up or down on the base portion of the STOW STICK™. If the grip location is further away from the head of the STOW STICK™, the arc/radius will be greater and the swing speed will be faster, resulting in more sensitivity in alignment results. In contrast, the shorter the arc/radius the swing speed becomes slower, resulting in less sensitivity in alignment feedback.

X-WING™ is the most universally dynamic resistance training system being offered in golf today. X-WING™ offers a non-directional heavy disturbance resistance wavelength training device that utilizes STOW STICK™. The user has full control of the level of strenuous and stainable resistance training wanted. Resistance levels are controlled by changing the snap-on/snap-off contact point positions for each of the 90-degree perpendicular wing configurations. Each of the four X-WING™ wings may be adjustable longitudinally to increase aerodynamic efficiencies, as desired.

X-WING™ set of two wings was designed to easily slide onto one of two specific opposing sides of the correlating Wing Hub positions. The Hub is designed to fit and slide over the flanged section of the STOW STICK™ Hub from the handle end. The streamlined Wing is narrower and in line with the streamlined [flatter] portion of the flanged part of the STOW STICK™. The dynamic wing is wider and matches the wider flanged section of the STOW STICK™. The Wing Hub dimensions correlate to the positioning of the flanged area of the STOW STICK™. The X-WING™ wing snaps into place and a simple on/off effort. Centrifugal force keeps the Hub and each X-WING™ firmly in position within swinging the arc. There is a hard point connection available as needed. The Hub supports two locations to house each of the two sized X-Wing wings. Embedded into the X-WING footing is a female/male slide on/off rail attachment that the X-WING™ wing slide attaches onto the Hub with. The X-WING™ wing slides onto the attachment in the same direction the STOW SWING™ slides onto and over the STOW STICK™ (from the handle ends direction). The X-WING™ is available in injected ridged Styrofoam filler with a plastic skin.