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Smart Solutions for Avid Golfers


STOW SHIELD™ provides golfers with reassurances that golf clubs and equipment will arrive safe and undamaged to the destination being transported to, while inside a golf travel bag.  STOW SHIELD™ doubles as a ridged inflatable aerodynamic umbrella that easily shields golf equipment from all weather conditions and gives golfers back needed umbrellas to shield themselves with.

STOW STICK™ is a core foundation within the STOW SHIELD™ system which provides a ridged inflated umbrella while playing golf in adverse weather and STOW SHIELD™ also delivers inflatable protections for golf clubs while being shipped as baggage.

INFLATABLE EQUIPMENT UMBRELLA:  STOW SHIELD™ delivers a space-saving inflatable umbrella that protects golf equipment from all-weather conditions better than any golf umbrella or rain cover.  STOW SHIELD™ inflatables offer adjustability of apertures for quick-and-easy golf club access while keeping golf equipment safe and dry from blistering downpours.  The STOW STICK™ device anchors the STOW SHIELD™ inflatable umbrella, so it won’t be able to fly off your golf bag by heavy winds…

INFLATABLE PROTECTION DEVICE:  External impacts around a STOW SHIELD™ protected golf bag passively absorb threat strikes within the inflatable system. Threat hits create instant transfer reactions by compressing shockwave forces through an “energy exchanger” that is throughout the energy-absorbing STOW SHIELD™ platform. Tactical compression dynamics equalize the strike area’s energy, creating a semi-ridged energy absorbing device that protects golf clubs while in transit.

With STOW SHIELD™ it’s player’s choice by dialing in preferred pressurized levels of inflatability for the “energy exchangers”.  The STOW SHIELD™ inflatable system actively transforms its shape to accommodate and fit snugly inside any manufacturer’s golf travel bag. The STOW SHIELD™ system fills the unsecured, unused, or vacuous areas surrounding the golf bag with highly-flexible inflatable channels of zone tubes. Once STOW SHIELD™ has been set, each inflatable chamber around the protected golf equipment will naturally fill these spaces with ever-changing air pressures. STOW SHIELD™ restores “in-real-time” differential pressures by actively balancing each chamber’s diameter and pressure levels in response to the shifting load movements that may surround the golf bag from possible external strike threats.

STOW STICK™ is the ridged hub for all STOW SHIELD™ platforms. STOW STICK™ may be utilized as an independent device, used with the yellow slide-on “Travel Cap”, or preferably used with all attachable inflatables for maximum protection. The STOW SHIELD™ inflatable devices are offered in two sizes 1) Tour Bags, and 2) Cart Bags/Stand Bags. STOW SHIELD™ inflatables are offered as two independent components 1) the top domed section only, and/or with 2) the attachable lower section.

The added benefit of using the STOW SHIELD™ inflatable zone tubes is that “air” won’t increase luggage weight or add baggage fees while protecting the golf equipment.


Golfers use STOW STICK42 times per game played.

Protects Golf Clubs from Top Damage and Side Strikes while in Transit, Shipment, or as Baggage while Anchored within a Golf Travel Bag: STOW SHIELD™ Stout is a product effort to help keep golf equipment protected, undamaged, and safe while being shipped as baggage or while in transit. The area inflates into a series of expanding zone tubes with pressurized air to expand a protective barrier around golf equipment. The Inflatable version is connected to a dome-like structure that covers the top portion of the golf bag or the entire longitudinal interior length of the entire travel bag depending on your preferred protection levels.